365 Day Trial

Take some time to get acclimated to your new design. Try it by the window, over in the corner; face it this way, or as your housemate prefers, “no... maybe a little bit more that way...” No matter the situation, it’s probably a sign if it hasn’t yet made itself at home. Let us know within the first 365 days, and we’ll set up a return for your furniture.


Returns made within 30 days will incur a 12% restocking fee. However, return shipping is free. All returns within this period must be in perfect condition and made in the original packaging.

Returns made between 30 and 365 days will incur a 20% environmental fee, plus shipping fees. All returns within this period may be returned with only expected wear. Products with wear or damage beyond expected wear (deemed at our discretion) from external causes such as misuse, accident, and abuse from humans and animals alike will not be covered by this return policy.

Please note that we do not offer partial returns or returns on throw pillows or custom orders.


Within the 30-day return period, original packaging is required for returns. Returns made without the original packaging may be subject to additional costs, which are to be subtracted from your refund.


Once your order arrives back at our warehouse, we’ll process your refund in the next 1-2 business days. After that it’s up to your bank to credit your account. That should take around 5-7 business days. If it takes any longer than that, tell us about it and we’ll follow up with them for you.